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AccuMate Battery Charger and Maintainer (302264)

Product Code: 302264-N6

Aeroplane batteries are expensive. They are also prone to self discharge and sulphating when not used. The result, poor starting performance and in a very short time, a ruined battery. Batteries damaged by self discharge, by sulphation or by being left in a discharged state are not covered by the manufacturers warranty.

The answer is not to leave a standard battery charger connected for long periods, as this will gradually dry out the electrolyte and ruin the battery.

The answer is AccuMate a battery charger AND MAINTAINER, that is designed to be left connected to the battery for long, extended periods, thus ensuring your battery is kept in tip top condition.

AccuMate accurately monitors the condition of the battery and precisely adjusts the charge rate to ensure peak operating efficiency is maintained with no risk of drying out the electrolyte. Costing only a fraction of a new battery, the AccuMate will pay for itself in a very short time and ensure that when you want to fly, your battery is capable of delivering the power to start a cold engine on a winters’s morning.

The unit comes with a fused battery connector lead and polarised plug for instant connection, as well as the more usual crocodile clips. We made a "hanging mount" for ours and connecting up after flying takes but a few seconds.

Our Price: