CORONA VIRUS - UPDATE March 17th 2020

At this time we are operating close to normal. However, the web site may not be accurate, particularly regarding price and availability. as transportation within Europe is uncertain and the status of our suppliers varies on a day to day basis

We will endeavour to provide the best possible service whilst protecting ourselves and our associates from this virus.  

We have limited stocks of Total Aviation Engine Oils at clearance prices. Both the Total Aero D80 and Total Aero Straight 80 are now just £4.25 per litre including VAT. Stocks will not be replenished, so when they are gone, they're gone. However the Multigrade and the 100 grade are now all sold out. 

Welcome to Sandalwood Services  THE PLACE for the continuing support for your Jodel or Robin Aircraft
the Market Place for the sale of Ex Airworld UK Stock.

We have  acquired a significant proportion of the stock following Airworld's closure in November 2016 but are also committed to maintaining a supply of Robin and Jodel parts to help the private owner and small business.
We have also retained the format of the old Airworld website to make navigation easier

Many of the items shown on this site are in stock, others may be obtained to order, and there are also some that have yet to be uploaded, so if you don't see exactly what you want please email your requirements to

Because Sandalwood Ltd is, and will remain, a small company we are not registered for VAT and so all the prices on this web site INCLUDE ANY VAT CONTENT. So no nasty surprises when you see the invoice.
This also means that VAT cannot be shown as a separate item on your invoice.

Payment for any item that you wish to buy will be by Bank Transfer. We will process your order and then send you payment details as when your order is ready to ship.



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Trig Interconnect Cable 1 metre (303651-C4)

Product Code: 303651-T9

 TRIG TT21 Transponder Interconnect Cable, 1.0 metre.

This item is available to all customers installing a Trig TT21 Transponder.

However this item is free to customers who bought their transponder from Airworld UK. Airworld transponder customers should order Part No. 303651F

The interconnect cable from the unit to the display module is not included in the kit, (although the plugs are).
When you buy from Airworld you get this cable, ready to "plug and play" with plugs fitted on each end, included for free.
Available in 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 meter lengths
Just select which one is right for you.
Our Price: